Lay your hands on me


Today is my birthday.  I’m one of those annoying people who loves everyone around me to know it’s my birthday even if you’re a total stranger.  I can’t help myself.

So, like every other day of the year, I try to keep it as healthy and as positive as possible even on my birthday.  I don’t like cake, and I’m not a big fan of pie, ice cream doesn’t mean a thing to me.  I do like cookies, and there are some really great cookies out there.  Plus it’s easy to control portions with cookies.  I’m one and done, or maybe two and done if it’s a special occasion.  My point is, my birthday isn’t a dessert bonanza for me. Instead, I like treating myself in other ways.

Yesterday I had a massage.  Now THAT is how I celebrate a birthday.

Aside from just feeling really really great, there are tons of benefits one can get from a massage.  The relaxation and focused “you” time alone is worth the cost.  But if you’re stressed, have high blood pressure, sore muscles, or are just feeling low, massage is a great natural treatment option.

My point is, there is always a healthy way to celebrate.   There are always ways to put your health first even when it’s your birthday.  And for my money, getting a massage is not only a terrific treat, but one with healthy side effects too.

How do you celebrate your birthday?  Who is into getting regular massages?  What are your experiences with the healthy benefits of massage?

p.s. I mentioned that I don’t like cake, but if I did, I would want my birthday cake to look like this:



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