Weekend Wisdom

We often hear about people who have God-given talent for something.  Most of the time it’s a singer, dancer, or an Olympian of some sort.  These are the types of people who have achieved greatness in their field because they started with some other-world-like gift that set them apart from the rest.  I’m thinking of Susan Boyle, the Scottish singer who was discovered on Britain’s Got Talent a few years back.  She was unemployed and singing in her church when she auditioned.  With little vocal training at all, she surprised the world with her beautiful voice, went on to be nominated for a Grammy and have a successful singing career.  Part of the reason her story is so sensational is because she was not a formally trained singer, having just had a few voice lessons.  She was born with that voice and it just came out that lovely because of her natural talent
Stories like this are the exception.  For the rest of us, whether it’s singing or something else, we have to struggle, fight, and earn our success.
An important aspect of my health coaching is goal setting, however even more important than setting the goals is mapping out how those goals will be achieved.  Part of that process is being able to accept that precious few of us are born with spectacular talents that make reaching our goals an easy process.  Along the way there are going to be rough days, difficulties to overcome, and yes even failures to be handled.
I think it’s essential to know that before starting off on a new endeavor, whether it’s eating more healthfully or incorporating exercise into your life (or hopefully both!) there will be hardships throughout the process.  It will be difficult to give up the foods that keep you from achieving your goals, and there will be workouts that will feel impossible to complete.  There will be days when you’ll be tired and angry and want to quit. Mentally preparing for these discouraging moments can make them easier to handle when they arrive.
So, here are the fact of the situation:  You have to work hard to achieve your goals.   Starting out is the hardest part.  You will have obstacles to overcome, and challenges to be bested.  No long term success is ever achieved without hardship.  But as you stay on the course to your goals, handling the difficulties as they come your way, these challenges will become fewer and fewer.
Don’t beat yourself up if you are not the running version of Susan Boyle, or the Susan Boyle of your kitchen.  We ALL stumble, we ALL face difficulty when starting anything new.  But I promise, with effort and time and determination, a healthy lifestyle will become second nature, and sometimes even feel easy to achieve.

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