Review: The Food Lovers' E-book and App

Well, I am FLUSH with good fortune these days.  My latest reason for thinking so is because I’m good friends with Hayley and Bill of The Food Lovers’ Kitchen.  We (especially Hayley and me) go back a bunch of years – even before either of us became truly interested in real, whole food.  It’s been so cool to see my friends go from “Hey, so we started this blog…..” to full-fledged Internet Paleo superstars.  They’ve published a gorgeous cookbook, they’re working on another one, and they’ve recently come out with two new products (an e-book and an app), both of which I’m going to review today, plus they’re planning their wedding and who knows what else.  How do they do it all?!?!?!?!
Ok, so let’s break this down…..
First the e-book.  It’s called 30 Day Intro to Paleo, and just like everything else Hayley and Bill create, it’s beautiful and it’s thorough.  It’s designed to be a guide for anyone who is brand new to the Paleo way of eating but it certainly isn’t limited to Paleo noobs.  If you’re a seasoned Paleo veteran, it is still worth your time!  The recipes are superb (natch!  They’re the Food Lovers!)

The three sections break down this way.  Part 1 is a thorough explanation of what Paleo is, the benefits and what kinds of foods are a part of this way of eating.  My fave section on this part is a total breakdown on how to build a meal and what the difference is between these words we often hear – “Paleo” and “Primal”.

(Will you look at that fabulous kombucha photo!  I hope you see THAT again soon! >wink!!<)

Part 2 is a 30-day meal plan WITH shopping lists!  If you’re following along with their 30-day plan, simply print out the shopping list and you’re set for the week.  It’s that easy.
As you can guess, Part 3 is a collection of fantastic recipes to go along with the meal plan, or stand-alone noms that you will want to put into heavy rotation around your house.
Ok, so that’s the basic breakdown.  What didn’t mention is that this is not your ordinary e-book that is a static document to read and file away.  You guys, this is so cool because it is stacked full of dozens of links that take you out into the Internets to show you supporting information and where you can buy ingredients, tools, etc.  AND!! (my favorite part) it features video clips right in the book!  You’ll have tons of information right there at your fingertips.

Why do I love this book and why am I recommending it?  Because eating cleanly is often confusing and overwhelming.  This is a succinct work that not only simplifies how to get yourself started on a better way to eat, but also gives an almost overwhelming amount of resources to help you learn along each step of the way.
Ok, so now, onto the app.  myKitchen is available for iPhone and Android, first of all and secondly I have already used it a hundred times.
Here is its simple genius:  It’s a collection of great, easy, delish recipes (with beautiful photos to match!), a feature that allows you to make a “favorites” list of what you make most often, and a shopping list builder based on which recipes you choose for each day of the week.  Boom!

Why do I love this and why am I recommending this?  Because I am a 21st century woman and I am also addicted to my iPhone.  I can’t live without it and I don’t want to either.  It is an extension of my hand and it helps me run my life and my business.  Now, with the myKitchen app, it helps me run my grocery store and farmers’ market runs too.  Meal planning through this is a breeze, my friends. I know that these recipes are tried, true, delicious, and contain no food shenanigans or crazy junk I don’t want in my body.  And the fact that I now have a grocery list made for me and it’s in my purse ready to go is invaluable to me!   All this, plus the fact that I can cross the stuff OFF the list after I put it in my cart is just gosh darned MASTERFUL!!!!!!!!

Long story short, buy this stuff.  Juggling a life and kids and job and work and exercise and keeping up with the Olympics (you are, aren’t you?!) is hard enough.  I’m offering you two tools that not only will make life easier for you, but will help you to fuel yourselves with beautiful, healthy, meals.  You can thank me by just buying the book and downloading the app (iPhone/Android).
Before I sign off, let me offer a few disclaimers about this review.  I mentioned at the top that I’m friends with Hayley and Bill, but rest assured!  We are buddies enough that I can offer an unbiased review without damaging our friendship.  In fact, I think they’d be mad at me if I didn’t offer the straight dope.  In keeping with my review policy of full disclosure, I did receive the e-book to review, but the app (which is free) I got earlier than the rest of the world as part of being a supporting member of their site.  Since I paid for my membership (and you can too!), I got my copy of the app before non-members, just like all other supporting members did.  I do get a wee bit of a kickback if you buy the e-book using the links I provided throughout this post, but I wouldn’t want you to buy it if it weren’t awesome.  Which it is.
If you’ve already gotten your hands on these goodies, please share your thoughts and opinions with me!  If not, what are you waiting for?!

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