Here we go! 2013 Goals Project

2013 Goals Project
Around the new year there is so much poo-pooing of new year’s resolutions.  You have some people who make a commitment to do or start something knowing full well they plan to give it up in a few weeks.  There are others who say they don’t want to set themselves up for failure.  Other say that it’s for saps who ought to be doing good things no matter if the calendar just flipped over or not.
To all, I say this:  It doesn’t matter when you start, it matters that you started.  Personally, I start new “resolutions” all the time – my life is ever changing and things are not static around the First Comes Health house.  But I do like the fresh, clean slate feeling of a new year.
Last week we wrapped up the 2012 Goals Project, and I’m calling it a grand success.  I also had some familiar names say they wanted to participate in 2013, so let’s get started.
Diane D.
Business Goals:

  • Book 16 weddings during 2013.
  • Develop 30 new LadyFingers recipes and successfully implement them into 2013 events.
  • Update and publicize all LadyFingers menus by June 1.  Update both online and print menus throughout 2013 as new recipes are developed (see above).
  • Update the LadyFingers website each month with Portfolio and/or Recipe entries.
  • Consistently maintain the LadyFingers Facebook page to remain current and relevant.  Increase viewership.

Personal Goals:

  • Re-commit to fitness using a method that will work on a consistent, life-style basis and keep a journal of progress and/or set-backs.
  • Increase vegetable garden production through improved efficiency.
  • Increase charitable efforts both personally and professionally.
  • Shed all superfluous items.

Austin K.
Between getting married, finishing my first year of my new job, and turning 30, I’m hitting a few big milestones this year.
With this in mind, it is important for me to continue to prioritize my (new) family life and personal health/well-being ahead of my job, while still putting forth high quality work.
Family goals:

  •  Remember to help out with the more disagreeable chores (cat litter/bathroom cleaning)
  • Go on a date at least once a month

Fitness goals:

  •  Complete 200 pushups a day (on day 9 already!)
  • Complete 4 or more races of the 1/2 marathon, olympic triathlon, long obstacle race, open water swim variety
  • Continue to workout in the A.M. before work at least 4 days a week

Nutrition goals:

  •  Sign up for CSA box (and utilize it)
  • Find at least 5 new healthy recipes that I enjoy and can cook easily

Work goals:

  •  Obtain high scores on yearly reviews
  • Get superior ratings for my bands at festival

Brian R.

  • Get stronger!
  • Finish things I write (and get them to a workshop or a publisher)
  • Excel at my job.
  • Finish 36 books (I’d love to make this a 52 book challenge like a writer I admire gave himself, but I have to be realistic here.)

Matt C.

  • To continue to attend my exercise classes as I have been and to add some new ones as well.
  • To eat better so all my hard work in class doesn’t go for nothing
  • Run at least two 5Ks, which would be my first
  • Compete in the Warrior Dash on August 24

Bill R.

  • Weigh 230 or less by June 1.
  • Have perfect finger nails by June 1.
  • Run a 5k by October 2013.
  • Exercise at least 3 times per week.
  • Floss at least 5 times per week.

Jill C. (That’s me, yo!)

  • Turn in my fermentation book to my publisher on March 13 without too many book-related freakouts.
  • Complete the Pittsburgh half marathon on May 5 and beat my 2012 time.
  • Confidently turn 40 on November 19.
  • Complete a home makeover – Dude and I were seriously thinking about moving and almost bought a new home.  The deal fell through, and we are staying put in our current digs.  We love our condominium and now that we know we are here for the long haul, we want to do some home improvements (some will be DIY projects, some will require us to hire a professional) to upgrade things that are in need of upgrading, and to make the place more US.
  • Home purging of unneeded and unwanted items.
  • Become a more confident runner.
  • Have more in-person interactions with those I love most – At least twice a month I want to visit with (lunch, dinner, spend afternoon with, etc.) someone in my life who I don’t regularly see.

So, there you have it.  There is plenty of room for YOU to join us!  All you need to do is come up with your own list.  Here are some helpful hints and tricks to get you started.  Send me an email containing your list and you’re good to go.
Join us!

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