2013 Goals Project - March Review

2013 Goals Project
Hi! It’s April now and I hope the weather has turned in your neck of the woods.  I just came back from Austin, TX where I attended the PaleoFX conference.  It was fantastic!  I will post about it in the next couple of days.  But first, there were some very fascinating developments and accomplishments this past month!  I am so so excited for all that’s happened to the Goals Project folks in March!  Let’s get right to the business:
Diane D.
Business Goals:
Book 16 weddings during 2013 – Three weddings are booked with deposits.  I had a verbal commitment on a fourth but they have since changed their minds.  I hope to get more prospects in the pipeline soon.
Develop 30 new LF recipes and successfully implement them into 2013 events – No changes since February.
Update and publicize all LF menus by June 1.  Update both online and print menus throughout 2013 as new recipes are developed (see above) – No changes since February.
Update the LF website each month with portfolio and/or recipe entries – No changes since February.
Consistently maintain the LF Facebook page to remain current and relevant.  Increase viewership – Since I haven’t been working, I haven’t been posting. But during April, my goal is to develop a strategy for posting relevant content despite not working.
Personal Goals:
Re-commit to fitness using a method that will work on a consistent, life-style basis and keep a journal of progress and/or set-backs – After April 25, I will be able to put some weight on my foot. I will then re-start CrossFit by doing seated WODs and getting some targeted work with personal training.  After attending the Open House of my new CrossFit box, I started a blog entitled “Back on Two Feet – A CrossFitters tale of foot (and mind) reconstruction“.  I have three posts that can be viewed at https://crossfittingcaterer.wordpress.com.
Increase vegetable garden production through improved efficiency – I am changing this goal to “Enlist volunteers to plant vegetable garden. Have garden planted by May 19.”
Increase charitable efforts both personally and professionally – I have volunteered my catering services for an upcoming fundraiser for a local historic society.
Shed all superfluous items – I will be unable to do a Spring garage sale but I am working on a date for a Summer sale. Selling will become a priority once I am mobile.  I have also accumulated several boxes for the Veteran’s pick-up as well as for delivery to the local thrift store.
Austin K.
Overall, I’m feeling great about my stated goals.  I just did two races in one day on Saturday; a half marathon and a mile open water swim. I’m looking forward to an Olympic distance triathlon in June.  I feel like I’m in the best shape ever, and this is due to being able to consistently fit the gym in my schedule and continuing to log everything I eat. Still hitting my push-up goal each day as well.

 I’ve been much better about chore stuff and especially have been all over the cat box lately.  My fiancee, Suze and I are continuing to make quality time for each other and have a few nice dates planned coming up.
As far as work goes, my band didn’t get the ratings I wanted, but what we got was fair.  Most importantly my students had a really positive experience and they left ready to stat working harder so I’m happy with that result.
Brian R.
Get stronger!  My workout situation has changed a little bit over the last couple of months, but I’m pretty proud of myself that I’ve kept things going despite these issues.  The most significant thing that happened to me this month was that I made the decision to not run the Pittsburgh Half-Marathon.  This was a tough call for me, but it required me to realize that I had set a goal for myself that I wasn’t enjoying pursuing and that was causing me enough stress that it was working against my actual goal for the year of getting stronger.  Even though it felt like quitting,  the decision came after a lot of introspective thinking regarding what my goals really are and what it will take to accomplish them.
Finish things I write (and get them to a workshop or a publisher.)  My morning routine of getting up 30 minutes earlier than usual to write has now been extended to 60 minutes every morning.  Even though I dread getting up even earlier than usual, this is now my favorite time of the day.  I’m almost ready to wrap up a book proposal to send off to a publisher, and I have not felt this consistent about writing in my life.
Excel at my job.  Things have gotten a lot less organized at work, but I remain committed to my plans for working smarter and staying organized.  This month I put a lot of time into professional development, and I’m sure it will pay off.  I can already start to feel myself getting frustrated because I just won’t ever get the feedback on my performance I would like to have, but I think I’m getting better at figuring things out for myself in this regard.
Finish 36 books.  Four more books done (although one of them was really a novella, but I’m counting it.)  That puts me 1/3 of the way through to the target.
Matt C.
What a great month!!! I continued to attend my workout classes at the YMCA and even signed up for my first 5K mud run! I’m running the Rebel Race on May 18 with three brothers in-law, my sister in-law and my sister. While I set a goal at the beginning of the year to run the Warrior Dash in August, this may have to suffice as the completed goal since the Warrior Dash itself is when our family goes on vacation.
Other exciting news from the month is that my wife and I sold our house, bought a new (and bigger!) house, and are preparing too move out of our current place. There will be a lot of stress management going on between now and May 10 when the moving van arrives.
The most exciting news, however, is that I achieved the main goal that got me involved in this project in the first place. On March 23, I refereed in the state championship game! It was an incredible experience and to have such a great game in an arena filled with about 9,000 people, being broadcast on statewide television with all of my friends and family sitting in the front row. It was more than I could have imagined. I can honestly say that the confidence I have gained from being more comfortable with myself after being more fit has helped me this year. I may not be bigger, but I know who I am and I know that I can achieve big things.

Ref 1

Bill R.
Well — March has definitely been a “one step back” month in the old adage “two steps forward, one step back”!  No excuses though!!  I just need to refocus myself down the stretch to June !!

Gained back 2 pounds — now at 237.  Goal still 230 for the June 1 wedding!!
Bit back a couple more nails somewhat — guess I was just nervous about leaving AZ and getting back to the cold Midwest!
Still exercising regularly though — lots of walking and hiking and golf in March — BROKE 90 FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE ON MARCH 20!
Flossing only about 3 times a week — this is proving a particularly perplexing tough one for me!!  I think I need to try to do this at a different time than right at bedtime.
As I mentioned last month, I am waiting until after the wedding to concentrate on the 5K run goal.
Had my annual Physical Exam yesterday — all checked out very well — blood work excellent all around, and I feel great.
Jill C. (that’s me, yo!)
Turn in my fermentation book to my publisher on March 13 without too many book-related freakouts. – GOAL ACCOMPLISHED!  This was a big one for me.  I actually turned the book in a whole day early! I’m pretty proud of that. And there were no freakouts to speak of.   You can still pre-order my sweet baby on Amazon.com!
Complete the Pittsburgh half marathon on May 5 and beat my 2012 time – I really stepped up my running in March and did some long (for me!) runs that really made me feel great.  I have just about a month to go until the race!  I’m starting to get a bit nervous, but the more I run this month, the better I’ll feel about it all on race day.
Confidently turn 40 on November 19 – 230 days left in my 30s, and I’m feeling good.  Dude and I are planning to take a trip somewhere over my birthday to celebrate the milestone, and to celebrate the book.  The destination has yet to be decided. I’m torn between somewhere adventurous, a fabulous city we’ve never visited before, or a tropical getaway where we can chillax on the beach and not talk to anyone.  It’s a rough choice.
Complete a home makeover – March got away from me on this front, but I did make some headway with planning.  We are going to wallpaper a little section of our pantry and I’ve been contacting professional hangers for estimates.  We are also considering new furniture or perhaps reupholstering a few pieces we currently own.  Again, more estimates.  And in a total change of course, Dude and I are cautiously toying with the idea of painting our kitchen cabinets.  This would be an HUGE undertaking for us and we’re not natural-born DIY-ers, so we are proceeding with caution.
Become a more confident runner – The long runs I did in March with the Pittsburgh Area CrossFitters Half Marathon group were real accomplishments for me.  I’ve been pretty candid about getting over the mental blocks of running and breaking through some mileage barriers has done wonders for my confidence.  This weekend I have a seven mile run coming up.  It is not my longest run or anything, so I’m feeling good about it.
Have more in-person interactions with those I love most – As mentioned above, I went to PaleoFX and had a ball.  A big highlight was hanging out with Hayley, Bill, Diane, and Scott. I also got to hang with two new friends, Sean and Suzanne.  I also got to spend some much needed time with family after the trip to Austin.
Post more on my blog! – I must do this and I promise I will.  Stay tuned for more goodness.
So, there you have it.  March is finished and we’re looking ahead!  There is still plenty of room for YOU to join us!  All you need to do is come up with your own list.  Here are some helpful hints and tricks to get you started.  Send me an email containing your list and you’re good to go.

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