2013 Goals Project - April Review

2013 Goals Project
Hi! It is the last day of April, but that won’t stop me from reviewing this past month with my Goals Project folks.  It is usually around this time of year New Year’s Resolutions are long forgotten and the first of the year determination has diminished greatly if not completely disappeared.  However, we soldier on!  Goals may be adjusted and tweaked and revisited as time passes and we get deeper into the year, but it is our determination to have changed by the start of the next year that counts.  So, let’s get to the action and see what’s happened this month!
Austin K.

Family goals:
1. Remember to help out with the more disagreeable chores (cat litter/bathroom cleaning)
2. Go on a date at least once a month
Suze (my fiancee) and I have gone wine tasting a couple of times within the last month. Both times were overnight trips that were great as it allowed us to get away from the busyness of work and wedding planning, although we did use the opportunity to finish our wine purchasing for the wedding :). I have been much more consistent in remembering to take care of the litter box.
Fitness Goals
1. Complete 200 push ups a day
2. Complete 4 or more races of the 1/2 marathon, Olympic triathlon, long obstacle race, open water swim variety
3. Continue to workout in the A.M. before work at least 4 days a week
So far I have completed two 1/2 marathons and one open water swim. By the time this gets published I will have completed the 100 mile version of the Chico Wildflower Bike Ride. I have been doing significantly more cycling to prepare for the Black Butte Triathlon in early June. This will be an Olympic distance triathlon and depending on how this goes I am considering training for a 1/2 ironman in the fall. I am also looking at running the Tough Mudder in Tahoe in July. I will definitely exceed my goal of four races this year and am now just looking to do as many as make sense for training purposes and to become more competitive when participating.
I recently joined the “Chico Triathlon Team” and have started going to some of their workouts. I am hoping that participating with this group gets me more plugged into the sport, meet some new people with similar interests and helps me improve my performance in these future events. So far it has been fun and motivating.
My other fitness goals have been going very well other than a three or four day hiccup when I was traveling with my buddies for my bachelor party. I definitely didn’t workout like I am used to or do all of my pushups (although I did do a good amount of them). I have since gotten right back into my routine and have been adding extra pushups each day to make up for the days where I neglected them.
 Nutrition goals:
1.  Sign up for CSA box (and utilize it)
2.  Find at least 5 new healthy recipes that I enjoy and can cook easily
3.  Continue using ‘myfitnesspal’ app to document diet and exercise
The myfitnesspal app continues to be the biggest help in maintaining a healthy diet.  I had logged in for about 75 days in a row before going on my bachelor trip.  While the trip certainly not good for me from a nutrition standpoint, I have since gotten back into my routine here as well and am back on track with about 15 days of logging in a row.
Since I started using this app I have lost about 25 pounds and am under 200 pounds for the first time since Jr. High School.  It has really helped me reevaluate my ideas of what healthy eating looks like.  For instance, I was very surprised to see how much more sugar I had been eating each day, even on days when I was well under my overall caloric goal.  I have changed many of my habits without feeling like I am starving or depriving myself.
This reevaluation has helped me with my goal of finding 5 new healthy recipes, as I have had to seek out new recipes that are convenient, less processed, and nutritious.  Lately I have been making a couple of egg/egg white frittatas with lean meat and veggies.  Making two batches of these on Sundays lasts me all week and I can take them to eat after my morning workout instead of the more sugary protein bars I had been relying on.
I still haven’t signed up for the CSA box, and honestly probably will not until we are going to be in town more consistently.  However we do shop at our local farmer’s market for fresh produce which was the basic idea behind this goal.
Work goals:
1.  Obtain high scores on yearly reviews
2.  Get superior ratings for my bands at festival
I just had my final yearly review and it went very well.  My principal is clearly happy with the work I have done this year and has passed onto me the praise she has heard from community members.  I am satisfied with the amount of progress the band has made this year and I am looking forward to being able to implement even more ideas and strategies next year to build off of our work thus far.
I truly appreciate the support structure that this group has provided.  I feel like I have accomplished quite a bit so far this year in respect to my goals.  As my wedding date and beginning of my married life gets closer, I feel that I am in a good position to continue working on these goals and to push some of them even further.
Bill R.
April has been a whirlwind — getting back from AZ, visiting PA and then NC!!  I am holding my own on my goals — having trouble getting down below 235, but will push these last few weeks.  My nails are better than they have been, so I am confident I will be ready for the wedding.  I have cracked the flossing roadblock once and for all and am continuing to meet that goal.  My wife (a dental hygienist) is happy about that one.  We are walking almost every day, biking some, and playing golf — so my exercise goal is on track.
Brian R.
Get stronger!  I’m back on the workout wagon, and I’m feeling stronger each week.  I made a measurable improvement in one area (back squat), and I am optimistic about where things will go this year.  I feel like I’m starting to see the benefits of planning, consistency, and getting good advice.
Finish things I write (and get them to a workshop or a publisher.)  I’ve stalled a little bit this month with a book proposal I’m trying to get to a publisher, but this is because I’m trying to make sure it’s pretty well tuned before sending it on.  I think I’ve come to the point where I need to remind myself that some things may never be ready, but they have to become finished.
Excel at my job.  Still feeling very confident that the plans I made at the end of 2012 to address my frustrations are coming to fruition.  I’m not receiving any more feedback, positive or negative, from my co-workers than I have in the past, but having a plan to follow through on helps keep me focused even without reinforcement.
Finish 36 books.  I finished no books this month, so I have some catching up to do!

Jill C. (that’s me, yo!)
Turn in my fermentation book to my publisher on March 13 without too many book-related freakouts. – Goal accomplished last month.  I’m still in shock that it happened.  Just as an update, I’m working on edits, promotions, and soon the design.  This whole book thing is becoming so real!
Complete the Pittsburgh half marathon on May 5 and beat my 2012 time – The race is in 5 days!  EEEK!  I didn’t get as much running in during April as I probably should have, but that’s just the way it has gone for me.  I’m not going to beat myself up over it and I’m going to go into Sunday’s race determined to do my best.  I’ll have a recap for you next week.
Confidently turn 40 on November 19 – 203 days left in my 30s, and I’m feeling really positive about it.  I still haven’t decided where I want my birthday trip to be.  I was considering Hawaii, but it seems a lot of people I know are going there this year.  Hm. I’d rather blaze my own trail.  Any suggestions?
Complete a home makeover – Our pantry makeover is humming right along.  I mentioned last month that we are going to wallpaper two walls in the pantry.  I got some estimates for some wallpaper pros to help us, but for the small area that will be mostly obscured, the cost seemed too high to make it worth it.  We are going to attempt it ourselves, I think.  We have done some painting and demolition work (I wielded a crowbar and took down a doorway!).  Next big task is to spackle some holes and skim coat the walls in preparation for the wallpaper.
I also mentioned last month the thought of us painting our cabinets.  Well, we might be back pedaling on that thought.  I’ve been pinning a few ideas and nothing is concrete.  I’ll keep you updated.
Become a more confident runner – The rubber will hit the road this Sunday when I tackle this half marathon.  We’ll see if I gained any confidence.  I’ve been building up to this race for so long that it’s all I’ve really thought about.  And I’ve come to the conclusion that the half marathon distance is NOT my distance.  I’m more of a 5k and 10k distance person.  An hour’s run is enough for me and I believe this will be my last half marathon.  I’m just not enjoying the training at all.
But! This doesn’t mean I’m finished with running.  My new CrossFit box has started a runner’s group and my friend, Edith (an excellent runner!) is going to be offering some coaching and leading group runs.  I’m sticking with it and hoping for a 60 minute 10k in Pittsburgh’s annual Great Race at the end of September.
Have more in-person interactions with those I love most – To make a short story long (ha), I am now going to a FABULOUS new CrossFit box (Industrial Athletics/CrossFit Alloy) and to start totally anew, I signed up to take the fundamentals course.  It is designed for those who are completely new to CrossFit, and although I am not a total newb, I decided to take the class anyway because I wanted some detailed instruction on my technique.  Turns out, I really needed it.  I am so happy I took the month-long course.  What the course also afforded me was the time to hang out with some of my friends who also took the class.  Plus (BONUS!) I made some new friends too.  The whole endeavor was very much worthwhile both fitness-wise and friend-wise.
Post more on my blog! – I started the weekly kombucha series (installment 3 coming tomorrow!) and I’m gearing up for TWO giveaways!  Details soon!
So, there you have it.  April is finished and we’re looking ahead!  There is still plenty of room for YOU to join us!  All you need to do is come up with your own list.  Here are some helpful hints and tricks to get you started.  Send me an email containing your list and you’re good to go.

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