Fermented Release Party

I’ve been wanting to share some photos of the Fermented Release Party since last Friday night, but quickly realized that I didn’t have any photos to show.  I was sitting at a table signing books all evening and didn’t snap a single one myself.
Thankfully I had a few photographers out there in the crowd helping me out.  Most notably among them was Bill Staley, who took almost all the photos for Fermented.
So, without further ado, please enjoy scenes from Fermented’s big debut!

Espresso a Mano pgh(Espresso a Mano – my friend Matt Gebis generously allowed me to take over his gorgeous coffee shop on Friday night.)

Espresso a Mano 2(If you are ever in Pittsburgh, Espresso a Mano is THE PLACE for fine coffee. Matt is a genius!)

Fermented 7 copies(It’s still so surreal to see my name on this beautiful book.  My little book that could.)

Dude Mamma(Look at my handsome Dude and my beautiful Mamma!)

Primal Burgher FCH(My buddy Janelle, also known as The Primal Burgher.  Check out her website, folks!)

friends and family(So many of my friends and family showed up to support Fermented.  I am especially grateful to my CrossFit posse from Industrial Athletics CrossFit Alloy. At one point or another throughout the evening, I think almost every member of my box stopped by to offer congratulations, buy a book, have a coffee, and hang out.)

out of state loved ones(My Uncle Tom, Aunt Mary Rita, Aunt Rie, Uncle Bill, and cousin Rhonda.  These folks get the award for traveling the farthest distances to be there. Virginia, Michigan, and Indiana were well represented!  My mother-in-law Shirley, and sister-in-law Sharon came from the other side of Pennsylvania.)

Jill Joe(Me and my buddy, Joe, being goofballs.)

Ladyfingers(It wouldn’t be a class-act gathering without the food of LadyFingers Private Chef and Catering.  My dear dear friend Diane made all the food for the event and this is just a small sampling of what we all got to eat. Be jealous!)

There will be a few more to come so stay tuned on Instagram and Facebook to see those.  A BIG BIG hearty thank you to every single one of you who came out to say hello and buy a copy of Fermented.  I am so immensely grateful for the fabulous reception it has received so far and I owe it all to all of you out there! THANK YOU!

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