Hi! I’m Jill, the owner of First Comes Health, author of this site and certified holistic health coach. My goal for this site is to provide a place for my clients – past, present and future – to come and learn about food, nutrition, personal wellness and movement. I want to give you things to think about, I want to start conversations, and I want to help you meet your health and wellness goals.
Becoming a holistic health coach was truly an inevitability for me. I have been working on my own food and health exploration for many years and have considered myself a “healthy hobbyist” for a long while but wasn’t really enjoying the fruits of all the reading I was doing. I found myself gaining weight, not sleeping well, losing interest in my family, friends, and husband in spite of my interest in what I ate and how I took care of myself, I knew I had to reassess what I was doing and make some changes.
I quit my toxic job, I turned my healthy cooking hobby into a real passion, I got to know how my everyday habits affected me, and I started working out regularly. By trial and error I slowly realized that every tiny step I took in the right direction was taking me closer to feeling better and living the life I’m so happy with now. When I realized that I could be a guide and teacher for others who are trying to find their way down the same path I was, it was a done deal. Sign me up!
I graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition as a holistic health coach and I’m certified by the American Association for Drugless Practitioners. I’ve been given this great opportunity to be a part of people’s lives during a very exciting time! Discovering large and small ways to change and seeing the affects of those changes is a true thrill and privilege for me.
So, I challenge you to make the choice to make a change. We’ll be on this adventure together.