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Hi everyone. My posting will be sparse this week as I’m on vacation. Dude and I are in southwest USA on a grand road trip!
As we drive from mountains to flat lands and see all kinds of beautiful scenery (some of the most gorgeous I’ve ever seen!) I can’t help but to think about how small we are in this big big world.
For now, enjoy this shot of Dude in Arches National Park in southeast Utah and watch Facebook for periodic updates from me.


Good Housekeeping

Sorry I’m a bit late in posting today.  For some reason this Saturday I’m feeling particularly partial to doing nothing.  Not lazy, per se, because I’ve actually done some things, but hanging out with Dude and my kitty, Quincy, was first priority.
I wanted to update you on a few little housekeeping things.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE writing this blog and really appreciate all of you who read it, but I have a few other online outlets too!  My Facebook page is pretty active with my own status updates as well as reader comments.  If you’re not partial to checking the site here very often, I let Facebook know when I’ve updated with a new post, plus I always sprinkle my feed with interesting articles, comments, observations, photos and questions that I don’t include in my regular blog posts.  Can you say additional content?!  Yep.
I am also active on Twitter.  Links, photos, questions, fleeting thoughts of mine – you’ll find all that over there.  I love connecting with all kinds of people via Twitter.  You never know who will re-tweet you!
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I am sick.  I consider myself lucky that this is a rare occurrence because this is the first cold I’ve had in over two years.  I’ve had a mild day-long sniffle here and there, but beyond that I’ve been fortunate enough to elude the dreaded Common Cold for this long.  Until I got that tell-tale sore throat on Monday, felt weary and sniffly on Tuesday, and downright miserable yesterday and today.
In light of this, I thought I’d share with you my cold remedies.  Please note that I’m not a doctor and these are what work for ME. Consult your physician for treatment and do some thorough research into what remedies you’d like to try.

  • Bone broth – I ought to do a full-blown post on bone broth because it deserves it’s own time and space.  As far as I’m concerned it’s the elixir of life and even when I’m not sick I ALWAYS have some in the fridge and freezer ready to go, especially during the cold weather months.  I’m not a coffee drinker and while I really like tea, I more often sip on a mug of hot broth when I’m craving a hot beverage.
    Bone broth is made from bones (duh), and can be from any leftovers you have after cooking any kind of meat – beef bones, pork, duck, chicken, turkey, you name it.  They’re cooked S-L-O-W-L-Y slowly slowly slowly over low heat in a pot of water for many hours.  Beef bones can be cooked for up to 48 hours and smaller, more delicate bones (chicken, turkey, etc.) for 18 to 24 hours.  You can do this on your stove,  in the oven or in a slow cooker (Hey! What a great gift idea!).  In the final hour of cooking, add vegetables (onions, carrot, celery) and then strain.  (Click here and here for some great instruction on how to make your own bone broth.)  You can use the finished broth for soups, stews, seasoning, or anywhere your cooking adventures need a great stock or broth.  But to me, drinking it straight is tops.  Bone broth contains all kinds of vitamins and minerals that are easily assimilated into your body and can boost immunity to help fight off a stubborn cold, among tons of other benefits.  Now that I’m sick, I’m drinking it down like it’s a magic cold cure.  Besides, it just tastes great and warms me up on a cold day.
  • Water – Think about what happens to you when you have a cold.  You blow your nose a thousand times a day, you’re sneezing, wheezing and sniffly stuffy.  You’re quite literally blowing water out of your body.  Hydrating is even more important when you have a cold.  Hopefully you’re also drinking bone broth, but make sure you get some water in there too.  Water becomes even more important if you’re not doing the broth.  I’ve heard of people adding lemon, honey, and/or apple cider vinegar to water for an extra cold-fighting punch.
  • A neti pot – If your head is stuffed up and/or you have a sinus infection, try using a neti pot for relief.  It looks weird, and takes a bit of practice, but the benefits are worth itHere is a short video on how to use it, and how easy it can be.
  • A eucalyptus steam – You’re probably familiar with what eucalyptus smells like even if you don’t know what it’s called.  Think of Vicks Vap-o-Rub.  That somewhat minty, kind of herby, sort of medicinal scent that when inhaled seems to clear your sinus immediately is eucalyptus.  You can make your own eucalyptus steam by getting a small bottle of essential oil, putting a few drops into a pot or sink full of hot steamy water, and then inhale the steam.  Be careful not to burn yourself! The water should be hot enough to steam up, but not boiling or enough to scald your skin.  Sometimes I’ll soak a wash cloth in hot water with enough eucalyptus oil to give it a mild scent, and then take that wash cloth into the hot steamy shower with me.  I don’t use it on my body, but having it in there with the steam creates an entire roomful of the nose clearing steam.  Do not over do the oil as it can be very very powerful!
  • Sleep – When you have a cold, it is not the time to crank up your workouts and push yourself at work.  If your cold is mild and you do not have a fever, it’s ok to stay active, but do not skimp on sleep.  Your body repairs itself when you’re sleeping and cheating yourself out of that time can only extend the duration of your illness.  During the day take a nap if you can and go to bed earlier than usual.  You’re going to want to give your body as much of a chance to fight off your sickness.
  • Keep your diet clean – This is stellar advice no matter if you have a cold or not, but especially so when you’re sick having a clean diet is very important.  When your body is fighting a cold, it needs all the munition it can get.  I realize that the thought of having a meal when we’re sick is often not that appealing, but even if you’re not that hungry make sure what you are eating is nutritionally dense.  It’s just not a good idea to drown your cold in chocolate chip cookies and Tang.  There’s nothing in that stuff that will give your body the strength it needs to heal itself.

(This has been my life for the past 36 hours.  Tissues, a mug of bone broth, and lemon honey water.  Oh, and the remote control to the TV.)

With that, I’m off to go enjoy more broth and take it easy today.   Hopefully, this cold is waning and I’ll be back to my normal activities soon, and I also hope if you’re unfortunate enough to catch a cold this winter season that it is brief in duration and mild in intensity.  And I’m open to any other remedies with which you have found success!  What do you do to beat a cold?